Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drug Study--Observations 4/14

This might be a slow working drug (or it could be no drug at all 😉).

TsukiMoon seems happier, more energetic, but he has very little understanding the impact of his behavior on others. Then again that is not what this medicine addresses. It supposedly reduces anxiety and anger. 

I don't know how much of TsukiMoon's behavior is caused by anxiety its a fair bit though. He generally doesn't express much anger; no temper tantrums, very little hitting (maybe every 6-8 weeks, oriented at his dad and not me).

There has been a subtle change in confidence but how much of this is because he feels capable in school recently. All the extra classes with the speech and langage pathologist have paid off. His teacher asked TsukiMoon to read his "persuasive writing" assignment in front of the class on Monday because he did such a great job.  He felt a lot of pride to be selected. 

He is challenged by going up to other kids though. He is usually on the side or if he is particapating in a game and wanders away, no one goes and gets him, it's more like the other kids are playing beside him instead of being attached in any way.  It would be nice if this could change

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