Monday, March 30, 2015

Drug Study-- Observations 3/30

My husband, Mr. TsukiMoon, and I walked TsukiMoon to school today.  Crossing the street in front of school, Boo said "hi" to the crossing-gaurd.  He followed that up telling the man that he had gotten a haircut.

Mr. TsukiMoon whispered to me, "has he ever said 'hi,' before?"

"No, I don't think so," I answered.  "And he told him about his haircut.  He's never done that."

"Maybe the higher doseage is working."  Mr. TsukiMoon said.

"Maybe," I confirmed.

Intially I was on the fence about whether I would wanted to medicate TsukiMoon.  If he has someone inside of him that is relaxed an happy and symptoms like; anxiety or getting stuck in circular thinking can be taken away, why would be put him through that state of being?

Before me moved to our present location, which has 270 days of sunshine, we live 3 of the top 5 greyist cities in the United States.  When we got here 10 years ago it felt like a fog had lifted.  Up until that point I had been fighting low to moderate depression my whole adult life (after leaveing college, a place with 284 days of sunshine).  I relized that lack of sun was detramental to me.  To that point I assumed that that's who I was, someone with depression.  Now I see it as part of me but not me.  That's how I now see TsukiMoon symptoms-- they are not him, just a part of him.  It would be nice if there was sunshine pouring down on him.

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